Product Review: Mixes from the Heartland Microwave Brownies

>> Friday, February 26, 2010

 A couple of months ago I got an e-mail from a representative of a company called Mixes from the Heartland. They make and sell gluten-free mixes and wondered if I'd be willing to test some products. As a lover of all things free and gluten free, I was elated! I said I'd be happy to try their product and promptly sent them my address. I didn't hear anything back so I was surprised and thrilled when a big old box of gluten free goodies arrived on my doorstep about a week later. The box had a bunch of different mixes in it. I've tried the lime pound cake, roasted red pepper garlic dip and chicken noodle soup but my favorite item so far is the microwave brownie mix.
 Baking gluten free can be a real headache. If you want to bake from scratch you need lots of different flours, xanthan gum, scales and good, tried and true recipes. Even with those things there can be a lot of trial and error involved. Since I fancy myself more of a cook than I baker, I have been satisfied to use mixes and pre-mixed flours. There are many gluten free peeps out there who have embraced the garbanzo bean flour and almond meal but I am not there yet. For now, mixes that take minutes to prepare and turn out consistent results are my saviors. The one attempt I made at Gluten Free Girl's "David Leite's Chocolate Chip Cookie" adaptation ended up tasting like sodden grass clippings. I blamed the amaranth flour and gave up on trying to bake my own treats. That debacle just highlights how easy Mixes from the Heartland makes things for gluten free cooks like me.
 The microwave brownie mix required just butter, eggs, milk, a pyrex dish and the microwave. In no time I had steaming, soft, chocolaty brownies ready to top with ice cream and a little goats milk dulce de leche.
 I would certainly recommend this mix, especially for those new to the gluten free landscape. Sometimes a little comfort food can go a really long way.
Check out Mixes from the Heartland, they have a HUGE selection of tasty, safe and easy to make foods for Celiacs and those with gluten intolerance.


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